Vasilikos main street is one of the most beautiful on the island, picturesque landscapes invite the visitor to get acquainted with them. Ideal for relaxation, swimming, fishing and hiking. Just a few minutes away from the property. You are either looking for a getaway with a group of friends or  with the family or for two, the apartments suit your every need.

The area of ​​Vassilikos is famous for its natural beauty and tranquility, a paradise for those who love nature and the sea. It is a village with a sense of community. Friendly, sporty, cosmopolitan and traditional. Vassilikos is a peninsula, a beautiful part of Zakynthos and is distinguished for its unique natural environment consisting of pine forests, olive groves, vineyards and local farms. Beneath the hills are the most beautiful beaches of not only the island but of the entire Ionian Sea. Vassilikos is well known because many of its shores are nesting areas of the Caretta-Caretta turtle and are therefore protected by Zakynthos National Marine Park. An extremely tranquil resort that offers all the comforts to combine your vacation with relaxation and tranquility.